History of AMR, Inc.

It all started in Walled Lake Michigan. Joe Armstrong, the third of four children, began masonry work with his older brother while he was still in high school. Learning the importance of hard work and a job well done from their father, Chester, the brothers had a great reputation for masonry work. The brothers knew the importance of building a good family name. Joe saw the need for chimney repairs and during summers, financed graduation from four State Universities. The “Chiminee Repair Company” focused on residential homes, specifically.
Today, joined by his sons Josh, Troy and Tyler, Armstrong Masonry Repair, Inc. has expanded into repairs for Condominium Management Companies, Real Estate, Commercial buildings, Schools as well as residential repairs. Taking pride in a good family name and quality of work is as important today as it was when Chester was teaching his sons. The importance of a good name remains as powerful as ever.

We are family owned and operated.