Your Bricks vs. Mother Nature


Your brick is bombarded throughout the year by the wind, rain, snow, and ice.  Paired with the constant expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, the mortar in the brick joints begins to crumble.


With the constant exposed to moisture, the porous bricks absorb some of the water, which freezes in the winter.  This cycle of freezing and thawing causes the brick to crumble or flake over time.


Missing Mortar

Our skilled masons will remove loose mortar using a tuck-point grinder and dust collection system, and then tuck-point to blend new mortar in with existing mortar to give a clean and professional appearance.
Brick Repair from Armstrong Masonry RepairBrick Repair from Armstrong Masonry Repair



Crumbling and Flaking Brick

If you have spalling brick and bond failure (when the mortar no longer holds the bricks together) our masons can help. All spalling brick will be removed by using a diamond blade in bed joints and cleanly chiseling them out.


We take great care in choosing new bricks that blend beautifully with your existing bricks. We also color match our mortar so that your brick looks beautiful again.


Armstrong Masonry Repair uses the highest quality products ensuring your brick wall looks good and lasts for years to come.