Brick, Concrete, and Stone Services


Many companies focus on new building projects. We focus on restoration and have an eye for unique repairs.

Our years of experience in restoration and repairs has allowed us to find many alternatives to old and outdated techniques that companies focusing on new projects wouldn’t think of.

Our skilled masons blend our repairs in with existing masonry work so it won’t be noticed.


Our Concrete Services Include:Pouring a concrete driveway



Curbs and Gutters

Catch Basins

Footings and Foundations

Poured walls

Precast Concrete Structures


Brick Repair by Armstrong Masonry Repair

Our Brick and Stone Services Include:

Chimney Repair

Porch Repair

Brick Wall Repair

Thin Brick/Panel Brick

Tuck Pointing

Block Work

Stone Work



Our services have also included working with decorators to add cultured stone to give homes a modern and elegant look.